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Connect your Beacon Pro+ account with the top contracting sales tool on the market. Close bigger deals, faster. Beacon customers get a $200 credit towards a new SumoQuote account.

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Give Your Team Superpowers.

SumoQuote makes it easy for contractors to build professional quotes that close more deals. Insert photos, include custom marketing pages, apply templates to save time, and use e-signing to sell jobs from anywhere.

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Measurement Tools

Custom Branding

Instant Work Orders

CRM Integrations

The Result

Quotes that Crush the Competition.

Build beautiful quotes that will blow your competition (and homeowners) away.

Showcase Your Branding

Add your logo and colors and we’ll create professionally designed quotes in seconds.

Include Inspection Photos

Add project photos directly into your quotes for instant personalization.

Add Custom Pages

Include marketing pages, sales brochures, and signable documents. Create the quote you want.

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Dial In Your Material Cost with Real Pricing from Beacon.

A new way to leverage your Beacon Pro+ account with a direct SumoQuote Integration.

Live Material Costs

Pull live pricing straight from your Beacon Pro+ account for accurate and up to date calculations every time.

Multi-Location Pricing

Sync your pricelist with multiple Beacon locations for hassle-free quoting in every area you operate.

Orders in a Click

Generate and send a Beacon-ready material order from your signed quote directly in SumoQuote.

Featured Integrations

Connects with the Tools You Already Use.

Enhance your SumoQuote experience by connecting the tools you already use. Connect contacts, photos, financing, measurements, accounting and more to streamline your operations.

Quickbooks Online

Streamline your finances by exporting your SumoQuote reports directly into Quickbooks Online.


With our JobNimbus integration you can skip double entry and sync customer data to SumoQuote. Instantly connect sent & signed SumoQuotes back to JobNimbus.


Make your quotes more visual by integrating CompanyCam images with gorgeous SumoQuote presentations.


Integrate your SumoQuote account with your Beacon Pro+ account to access live material pricing within SumoQuote and quickly generate and send Beacon ready orders.

Sunlight Financial

With our Sunlight Financial integration you can add monthly payment options directly in any quote. Close more deals, easier than ever. (Available in the United States only)


Order accurate aerial measurements for the roofs and projects you’re working on. Apply these measurements to your SumoQuote to price your quotes in under 60 seconds.


Order and apply measurements to any quote seamlessly for pricing in under 60 seconds. Order property measurements for roofing, siding, gutters, painting, and more - starting at $11 per report.

AccuLynx (Via Zapier)

Using Zapier, you can automatically push projects that have reached a certain milestone in Acculynx into SumoQuote, speeding up your process by skipping the double-entry.


Connect nearly any app with SumoQuote using Zapier. Create custom integrations, workflows, and automate your tech stack alongside thousands of supported apps.

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Beacon customers get a $200 credit towards a new SumoQuote account. Book a demo to get started.

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